Release Notes

This page contains the release notes for DroneKit-Python minor and major releases.


DroneKit-Python marks releases using the major.minor.patch release numbering convention, where patch is used to denote only bug fixes, minor is used for releases with new features, and major indicates the release contains significant API changes. Patch releases are not separately documented here.

Latest release

Release 1.5.0 (August 12, 2015)


  • Added methods to unset mavlink_callback. (#115, #240)
  • Publishing scripts now live in scripts/ (#259)


  • Documented clearing of mavlink_callback. (#245)


Thanks to @hamishwillee, @mrpollo, @tcr3dr

All releases

For information about all past releases, please see this link on Github.

Working with releases

The following PyPI commands are useful for working with different version of DroneKit Python:

pip install droneapi    # Install the latest version
pip install droneapi --upgrade    # Update to the latest version
pip show droneapi    # Find out what release you have installed
pip install droneapi=1.0.3    # Get a sepcific old release (in this case 1.0.3

See Release History on the package ranking page for a list of all releases available on PyPI.